What happened when I wrote a poem every week for a year.

Hiya! Since I was a kiddo, I’ve written stories and such, but never poetry. I was told at a young age by a ‘professional author’ that real writers didn’t write poetry. I’m not going to lie…. hearing that definitely stuck with me for about a decade. When I moved from my childhood home in Ohio to a brand new home in South Carolina, I decided my creative life had too many rules. It wasn’t fun to write anymore, you know? So, in 2016 I started a journey of writing a poem every week for a year. Here are 10 things I learned from doing just that.

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The only Nanowrimo Survival guide you need! (With spongebob gifs)



I’m a writer..

I’m a writer..

I’m a writer..

I tell myself as my laptop glows back at me. 11:30pm. Crap, I’ve been looking at SpongeBob gifs for 4 hours.

Listen, I KNOW NaNoWriMo was created for writers because of this very issue…it’s not MY FAULT… there were thousands of spongebob gifs and memes to go through!!


Ok ok down to business. I promised you an all-in-one Nanowrimo 2017 survival Kit. This is going to go down in 3 parts:

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My Book

You can now order my book of poetry, Numb and Undone, now on amazon in Kindle and paperback! 😀

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.05.56 AM

Numb and Undone is a book of poetry about a girl who ran away, fell in love, and lost herself.

Your skin tastes of lilacs and little ladybug feet
And the way your hair
Grows curly and full
Like a forest
Makes me wonder if you were born
Sprouted as a field of flowers
For me to run to
When I’ve forgotten
How beautiful it is
To grow